Who We Are

Our Mission

Our focus is people. Neighbors and volunteers. Being more. Becoming more. Achieving more – Practically. Spiritually. Fundamentally…as a person and as a leader.

Stowe is a place for people to serve and for volunteers to grow. In your growing you are serving our neighbors. We love our neighbors like they are…but we love them too much to leave them where they are. Hard-living people being served and helped to the next level by volunteers committed to serving and committed to growing. That’s what happens here. Giving gospel hope and restoration to people facing hardships. The future sees us doing just that in multiple locations and multiple satellites.


How It Happens

The leaderLADDER is the pathway. From here to there. From dependence to interdependence. From one level of living to getting help and hope to make it to the next level.

We have a number of entry points:

Medical Arts


Hunger Relief

Spiritual Direction

Job Training

A connection with one of these entry points can be the first step to an individual’s life transformation. Starting here, then increasing one’s competencies and character qualities results in a life of independence, then interdependence. The end point is not becoming self-sustaining, although that has to occur. The end point is getting to the place where a person can re-invest in others who need the same guidance and support they received in their journey.


Stowe Mission began as German Village Baptist Church in 1969 with a vision to help neighbors in a hard living community find gospel hope and restoration. The leaders then realized the task was much larger than any one church or group of people could do well. German Village BC became the Darty F. Stowe Memorial Baptist Center in 1981, supported at the time by the local association of Baptist churches. To involve more people, many of whom were already volunteering and serving, Stowe Center became its own 501(c)3 in 2010 as Stowe Mission of Central Ohio. The name has changed over the years, with an ever-expanding number of people serving, giving and leading, but the mission remains the same, to give gospel hope and restoration to people facing hardships.